The joys and benefits of sand-play > 4 a Kid

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The joys and benefits of sand-play > 4 a Kid

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Sand-play is an activity that brings numerous benefits and one that should definitely be encouraged!
The joys and benefits of sand-play

Apart from sand-play being a whole lot of fun for the kids, it is an activity that comes with numerous benefits and one that should definitely be encouraged! Sand-play has been shown to have positive effects on cognitive, physical, communicative, creative and social-emotional development.

It helps children to learn about the properties of sand and numerous mathematical and scientific concepts such as estimation, volume, and texture. It leads to creative play where the imagination is the limit and an entire world can be created to explore and ponder, and it is an excellent medium for self-expression and self-soothing. As adults, most of us can relate to the soothing feeling of running sand between your fingers or squishing it between your toes – this undoubtedly soothing effect of sad is great for children who need to release pent up energy or emotions!

And yet, aside from the benefits of sad, there are always the cons to deter well intentioned parents. Firstly, sand pits are often viewed as giant kitty-litter areas by oblivious feline visitors. In addition, they can become a breeding ground to all sorts of miggies and creepy crawlies, and have been known to be a common cause of worm infestations in children. We have included a few sand-pit tips so that you can make sand-play safe and fun!

  • Invest in a sand-pit cover. This can be made of any durable material such as canvas, PVC or hard plastic sheeting. The covers add protection from rain and cats, and help to keep them free of falling leaves and other wind-blown materials.
  • Consider growing some Plectranthus ornatus around the periphery of the sand-pit. The plant has been nick-named ‘Scaredy Cat’ because of its unique ability to deter cats, but is not offensive to people or children.
  • Regularly wash your sand by hosing it down with water (for this you need to make sure you have a good drainage system). You can also add large bags of salt to the sand to de-sanitize it and kill insect and worm larvae.
  • Always make sure that you treat your children for worms on a regular basis.
  • Make sand-play fun by adding all sorts of play goodies. Buckets, spades, bowls, pots, jugs, funnels, a colander, ice-cream sticks, farm animals, toy cars, fake flowers and blocks. Add a small bucket or bowel of water if you don’t mind a little muddy fun!

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