“Thank you for the speedy delivery. My kids went wild over the Huggalugs and my son who is almost 7 grabbed a pair and put them on with his school uniform!I had bought them for my 11 month old but my 6 and 3 year old LOVED them!! They danced in the kitchen and asked what other colours they came in! Will order more for Xmas presents: Excellent product! Thanks.”

— Jen

Got my package yesterday morning. Just want to say thank you. The service is way beyond the top. Super fast and problem free. Will recommend and will definitely be buying soonish.


“I received my Huggalugs this morning. Thanks soooo much! Just in time for this cold weather!” https://www.4akid.co.za/product-category/clothing/clothing-legwarmers/

— Nelanie from Pretoria

“I’ve received the child tracker and it works great. Thank you so much you’ve made my life a bit easier.”

— Rushda

“I got the Mommy I Am Here devise and already my kid is liking the bear, she can’t get her hands off it. Got one query though: Why is it not called Daddy I Am Here? JUST JOKING! Thanx for your speedy response.”

— Malose from Pretoria

“I was one of your very 1st customers when u just started, I bought two child locators, and still using them eventhough my eldest is 8 years old”

— Chantel from KZN

“Just wanted to confirm that I’ve received the Locator. I moved the teddy around the house at varying distances to check on the quality and sound level and am currently very impressed.”

— Ashlene from Cape Town

“Thanks so much for the Mommy I’m Here child locator.” “My daughter is so chuffed with that little teddy bear, she thinks it is jewellery. We put it on at difference places, her shoe, belt and even her alice band that goes in her hair.” It also definitely give me a little bit more peace of mind.

— Petro from the Cape

“We have been using this child locator on all of our trips. It works especially well at the shopping centre, where there are a lot of kids, people and constant chaos! It gives us added peace of mind and our kids love wearing it laced into their shoelaces. It is extremely reliable and very sturdy. Two thumbs up!”

— Sheri

" I am very impressed I really think this is a great idea and all South African mothers really need something like this."

— Molly from Eastern Cape

“Thanking you in advance for what is going to make my life so much easier when shopping. The child locator is such an amazing device”

— Charmaine from Cape Town

Just want to give you testimonial about the seatbelt harness. My husband and kids was in a car accident on Friday morning and if my kids did not have the harness on, their injuries would have been much serve. Luckily they walked away with body stiffness of the impact. My daughter would have broken her neck or pelvis if she did not have that harness on.  

Sue Pretorius

“Thank you very much. I received the parcel yesterday already (wow, what super-fast service). They are already installed and in use. My kids feel very special”

— Amanda from JHB

“I just want to say “thank you” for the seatbelt protector. My son loves it, he says it feels comfy, and i feel so much better! We don’t have to argue in the car anymore, because he’s no longer putting the belt behind his head. I love this invention. I just wish more moms would strap their children in, it breaks my heart…"

— Louise

I have received my girls smitten sets and I'm really loving it.Thank you SO MUCH For you excellent service! I really appreciate it. 10+  stars from me? I'll definitely support you again Soon. Very Happy Customer      


“I love this product! And cannot stop recommending it to everyone I know. My daughter wears it with pleasure and it saves the fight of putting on a seat belt every time! No more complaints of the seat belt bothering her chin / neck and also it stops her from taking her arm out and putting the main strap behind her back! Brilliant – in my opinion a really useful product that has been made really well and worth every penny!"

— Tanya from KZN

“Thank you (Secure-a-Kid KZN) very much for introducing us to, and supplying us with, the safety harness. Getting a seatbelt around our daughter comfortably , even with a car seat, was something of a mission. The fussing and moaning with regard to fastening the seat belt comfortably that used to be the norm with every car trip swiftly became a thing of the past as the harness correctly and comfortably positions the belt. It is extremely easy to use and can be quickly, smoothly, and efficiently swapped from one vehicle to the other. It is such a relief to know that your child is not only comfortable, but is also securely ensconced in your vehicle. Even with the expensive car seats that we have, it was not always easy to position the belt correctly and comfortably and one had to compromise on either a bit of comfort or safety to achieve some kind of solution. This safety harness removes all that schlep in an easy and effective manner. Thank you very much for humanizing our concerns and involving yourselves in the manner described to bring peace of mind motoring to me and my family. It is this level of involvement and concern for your customers that will result in your organization becoming a global giant in the field of child safety. Thank you for running such a brilliant organization (Secure-A-Kid KZN) and may God bless you extensively in the days to come."

— Devoted parents in KZN

I did receive my parcel last week on Friday, thank you. Kade is impressed with being able to wear his seatbelt (Secure-A-Kid) like his Mom and I feel much better that he is wearing it correctly. My nephew also slept in his car chair on Saturday and we used the pillows (Easy Sleepers) which prevented him from hitting his head on the side window for a change. It’s good to know that there are products designed specifically for our children.

— Bernice from Brakpan Gauteng

“I just wanted to say thank you very much for the Secure A Kid. My son just loves it and he keeps telling me “Mommy now I’m safe” "

— Reshman from KZN

“Many thanks for the Secure-A-Kid’s, I have collected and fitted them 🙂 My Kids seem to be quite happy to have them on. I think your products are really great!”

— Janet from Johannesburg

"Thank you so much for the best customer service - I received the colour I wanted on take-a-lot"


Hi Ally Just wanted to take the time to write you a email to thank you for your amazing and quick service always. Its rare to get people to have amazing attitudes or to be quick in anyway or helpfull. Thanks so much Ps. We all get frustrated silently ????


Sherbet I haven't received such fast and efficient service in my life...Thanks!!


Thank you so much for the epic service, I have received my parcel already ???? If this is the kind of service you deliver then I will have some very happy customers. Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you


My little man absolutely loves his teething mitten. Excellent product, thank you. Excellent service, so happy 


Thank you very much, we received our secure a kid, just what our son needed. He also loves it. Thanks again      

Essy Mdluli 

"4AKID is such an amazing and wonderful page it teaches parents things new and also how to actually handle our kiddies...also encourages us to make lovely snacks and eat healthy thank you"

Shanice Prevlan Krishna

"Just wanted to give you some feedback. My hubbie came and bought the drops last week Wednesday and we can see an immediate improvement.  On Friday night and last night he slept through 🙂 So happy. Normally he wakes 6-8 times a night. So glad we bought the Dudu Drops."


"I would just like to say thank you so much for such an awesome hamper! My daughter just loves the tutu and clothes and even my 6 year old son loves the sand. It is such a spoil and we really appreciate it."

Tania Wood

I’m so impressed, your company is on the ball & deliver when you say you are going to. I will DEFINITELY use you again & have recommended you to all my friends. Thank-u for excellent service!


I am ecstatic about the service received from both 4akid and Fastway Couriers, my parcel was delivered yesterday already. I will get my daughter to model for some pics and send them to you, she is absolutely over the moon with her outfit and insisted on going to bed with it last night LOL. Thank you for the quick and efficient service provided.


I just want to let you know that I am very pleased J with the products that I bought from you. I started the meds with my grandson in the holidays so that it will have started to have an affect on him when he started school. I noticed a change within the 1st week. And to my big surprise yesterday when doing his homework he did not need a lot of correcting of words while reading his storybook and did his 2 x table all by himself and he is not fiddling around as much as he used to. I am spreading this good news and your products."




"Collected my parcel from the Post Office today. We are very happy with all the products". "Thank you for the great service. Keep up the good work".


"I just received Tiffany's dress. You were right, it fits her perfectly. She looks beautiful in it. Can't wait for her party. Just need to find the perfect shoes now. I am so impressed it arrived here so fast!"


"Thank u so so much for your excellent and efficient service. We got our delivery on Wednesday and it's perfect!Will definitely be using your website again."


I" have received the shower cap, thank you so much.I have attached a picture my little girl Bianca Mahlangu enjoying her bath without a scream for the first time".


"I love the 4 a Kid website and all the products they have to offer! I recently purchased a gorgeous petti tutu and petti top for my soon 2 be 2year old and can't wait to do a photoshoot with her wearing the outfit! Keep up the great work!:) oh and not failing to mention the fast, friendly and efficient customer service!:)thanks4that2!"



"Just got all my goodies I ordered and just wanted to say thank you so much". "Will surely be keeping an eye on your site for things I like."


I have just received my gift! Thanks you so very much!  I love all the items.  And the little urinal is just in time for potty training… Many thanks Ladies…  


"I JUST received my parcel now! And the outfit is GORGEOUS I cannot wait to do the photoshoot now yay.. Thank You SO Much for the fast speedy delivery.. the efficient feedback and friendly help. You guys are awesome!"


"Thank you a lot for your service!It is a big pleasure to work with you!!! Today morning we receive the parcel! Very beautiful product and look stunny!will tell about you to all my friends"


"I collected the parcel on Saturday. My son absolutely loves it. He was so scared of a drop of water before, but now he is full of confidence and washes his hair himself! Thanks very much for this wonderful product. I wish I knew about it sooner."


Thank you SO MUCH for running a Facebook competition for DuToys!!! My Facebook page received over 200 likes and I have over 100 new potential customers. I really appreciate your support!! And am really chuffed with the results!!" Thank you so much!!


"I have received the parcel, thank you very much.  The brush (Knot Genie) is the most amazing thing ever!  Thank you for the excellent service."

Cara - Johannesburg

"What a big suprize to see a gift beautifully wrapped with a card for Nina for her birthday. I was speechless, thank you so much! You don't expect something like that nowadays. thank you so very much and thank you for all your trouble to get the order out to me in time. The skirts are beautiful, I bought one for Ninas sister also as a surprize, they are going to love it!!"


I’ve been using the preggy pillow now for a week or two so its a good time for me to review it now. The first night I used it, I was quite surprised about the difference it made.  I didn’t think it was going to do much for me at all.  It felt nice and comfy supporting my back as well as my stomach and I did sleep a little better.  The next evening I decided to sleep without it, but halfway through the night grabbed it back proving it does make a difference in comfort levels!  A nice advantage is that it keeps me from sleeping on my back as it sort of holds you on your side.  I found the velcro to be a bit scratchy on the one side, so ended up turning the whole thing around sorting out that problem.  The main drawback of the pillow is getting out of it!  I normally “roll” out of bed which I can’t now because the pillow is in the way :-).  I removed the one pillow one night to see how that would go, but I ended up on my back again which was not good.  Its good though that you have that option.  I do find that the bottom “sheet” part gets a bit messy through the night – like untidy sheets, but luckily its easy to fix.


"I cant believe it! I only ordered the Newsboy hat on Tuesday 30th and the Courier guy just delivered it to my rooms!  Wow, that was faster than fast!  I thought I would have to collect it from the post office!" "Thanks so much, Im really impressed and its beautiful!  Cant wait to put it on Gabriella when I fetch her from school today!  will take a photo for you!"


"I have tried the pillow, it is comfortable because it is not as bulky, also being able to detach the one pillow it can be used between your legs.Its actually great to use in the car when driving and because its light its easy to carry around"


Thank you so much, I received my order today.  I can't wait for my sons' birthday so we can open the parcel together.  Thank you for the quick and friendly service and the excellent delivery of my order and free gift.


"Just a quick note to say thank you for the gift we received for Cora - she thoroughly enjoyed opening it, playing with the contents and packaging, and looks adorable in the head band!I also wanted to say that I am quite pleased with the cake pops - if I disliked baking a little less I might have enjoyed our baking experience on the weekend much more, but after the disasterous recipe and blender blunders, when we finally put the mixture into the moulds, baked them and then popped the cake pops out with such ease it was worth the preceding drama. Most of my friends warned me that the pops break when you take them out, etc. but this was definitely not the case!"


"I received my parcel on Friday and I am so impressed with the quality of the products and the speedy service. You guys are great!"


"Just picked up our parcel....so excited to try it out and end the hair brushing battle!!" "Ordering from you has always been a pleasure and your absolute professionalism and effeciency is refreshing!!!"

- Olivia

I just received my order. Thank you so so much for such brilliant service.      


" I hope you are well and that you had a wonderfully blessed Christmas!! I just returned from the post office!! Oh my gosh!!! What an AWESOME prize!!! I just LOVE everything - the best gift ever!!! My little one went fishing with her daddy, so I cannot wait her to come home and see all these beautiful goods! I cannot say thank you enough! Its perfect!"


"Thank you very much for my goods ordered. I am very impressed with the promptness of receiving my parcel. It will definitely come in handy with our trip to CT."


"Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the amazing customer service. I have already been raving about you guys to all my friends. Will definitely be using you guys again."


"Your service was excellent!!!. I will def purchase from you again thank you I receive my stuff. You are the best!!!


"My child just LOVES the shark swimming cap and the bath cap was I HUGE success!"

- Zani from Centurion

"Just a quick thank you for the Huggalugs received!  They are so cute man!  I love them!  I have told all my friends in Plett about them and about 4AKid".

—Tanya from Plett

Hi Ally, I just wanted to say thanx for the delivery of Liam’s present. He loves the night light as well as the gun. I’m attaching pics of him with the night light and the gun.  


"I received my parcels today, thank you very much.  My boys love the "mats" so much that I battled getting them into the bath tonight. Thank you very much for the fantastic,  amazing, fun way for them to learn."


"Would just like to say thank you for the super efficient service! Will definitely order more goodies from you!"


At this point I just need to thank you as a business owner for the opportunity you created for ordinary people to also run a business without huge capital investments! Really appreciated!  


"Thank you very much. I did receive my order and I'm very impressed. For the first time since I'm using the seatbelts to buckle up te kids, it sits correct and does not bother them.  And I feel much better as I drive 90km a day and know they are safer."


"Thank you so much, the product has just arrived.  The Focus formula is amazing & have seen a definite difference in a short time, hence the repeat on the order".


“Received the parcel this afternoon. This is the best service I have ever had in my whole entire life. You guys rock. May your business continue to impress. I will certainly be ordering again and will make sure that I tell everybody about this stunning company”

— Cherylynn

"I must say that she wears her Smitten skirt every other day at home and also before I drop her off at school. She loves it do very much. She dresses up in the whole outfit to go to the mall on the weekends too. It was such a great investment :))) the smile on her face is priceless :)))."  


"I saw one of your pamphlets a couple of months ago, but paid no attention to it at that moment. However, in the past 3 months, 2 local kids died and one was injured in&nbs=;2 separate car accidents. That scared the life out of me, as I have two small children myself! The last accident was only a month ago. The one child was flung from the cars s=de window and died on impact. She was only seven years old. Her father turned around to scold her because she would not put her seat belt on. She complai=ed that it hurt her. When he turned back, the drunk driver was already in his lane. They collided head-on. Chloe was killed instantly and her 7 year old cousin - who was wearing his seat belt, was just lightly injured. She was h=r parents only child. I know you make use of distributors to promote your secure-a-kid belts. I wou=d like to apply to become a distributor. We could really use a invention like yours in our area. There were 3000 primary school and nursery school children and parents that attended Chloe's funeral last month. We don't want another one"


"I owe you a huge debt of thanks. I was in a terrible car accident on Saturday afternoon and thank god my daughter was wearing your seatbelt. Without it she would have gone straight through the windshield. I can’t thank you enough".


Thank you, I have received it on Wednesday, unfortunately have not had access to my emails. Thank you very much for the fast, efficient service. Nice to know there is still that kind of service available.  

Regards Melanie

Good Day, I just want to say thank you for excellent service! I ordered on Friday and I have already received my parcel today. I will definitely order again from you. Thank you very much! Kind Regards  


"Baie dankie vir my produk. =Dis vrek oulik!!!!!  Ekt vir almal hier by die werk gewys - het ook vir hu=le jou kontak besonderhede gegee".


Parcel has been received. It arrived yesterday already! Thank you so much for such prompt and excellent service! You guys really are awesome! Also received my parcel with my order of the belt and chain I got for my son for Christmas. He’s going to look so cool & I know he’s going to love it! I’ll be sure to take lots of photos and send them on to you. I actually have a few of my daughter sporting the Noo bibs, do you want thos too? I love the Noo range and am very happy with the little dress I won! So cute!

— Kerrin

This is just a courtesy e-mail just to say thank you for the voucher. I also wanted to say that my son Liam loves the nigh light so much, we have to switch it on for him every night before he goes to sleep. I love that you guys now have Paw Patrol plush toys, Liam already has Marshall that I bought for him last year December. I can’t wait to see his face once he gets his newest plush toy.


We have tried 2 other bath seats from well-known brands & we just weren't happy at all as she could not even reach her toys properly. Our Ava Mia is 7 months old, sitting on her own and she likes freedom. The 4AKID bath seat really allows that for her as she is Little Miss Independent however Mom & Dad are kept happy as it still allows the support of her back and the "steering wheel" in front. I think Dad likes it more because it looks like a little car 🙂 We are really chuffed with this purchase, and especially like the thermometer fitted into it too, the suction cups really stick well & there is no movement of the mat or seat whatsoever (the opposite of the other 2 bath seats we tried). We would give this product 5 stars & would highly recommend it for any babies 6months +.    


"oh boy that was quick. i just got my parcel. The watch is so beautiful. My daughter is going to love it. Thank You once again. Will have to wait for kids to return from a visit to their grandparents to take a photo. I am so pleased with your customer service and quick delivery, was not expecting it so soon. Will definitely be making more purchases from 4akid”.

— Babra

“Thank you so much, I can’t wait to place my next order…saw a couple of nice clothing items…your service is excellent!”

— Yolandi

“I received the parcel today – thank you SO much! Love the “everywhere chair”.

— Lindsay

I would just like to say a big thank you for the order below and the extra present!  My little girl loves those dolls so much!        


“Thank you so much for the wonderful service. I just received the package. I’ll be sure to send you a picture of my little model, all buckled up, and unable to escape from her car seat, now that I have my little straps! :-)”

— Louise

I'd like to share my story, in the hopes that even one mommy will take my words to heart. On Mother's day 2015 my boyfriend and I were involved in a terrible car accident. A driver overtaking 5 vehicles on the highway forced us off the road. My boyfriend broke his back in three places, I cracked a vertebrae, and had arm, face, leg, rib and hip injuries (amongst others). I had always worn a Secure-A-Kid seatbelt support, because I hate having the seatbelt bite into me, or squash my chest. These are designed for little ones, but are fabulous for adults too - especially women with big boobs like mine. The Secure a Kid just makes travelling so much more comfortable. Unfortunately, that day, we took his car and I wasn't wearing mine. I KNOW that if I had been wearing it, I wouldn't have had damaged ribs, I would have been in a far better position and the seatbelt wouldn't have hurt me as badly as what it did. Please don't get me wrong, I am not advocating driving without a seatbelt. Without our seatbelts on, we would both have been killed. I cringe to think what would have happened if the lady driving behind us had been forced off the road instead of us, because she had two little ones in her car. Please, have a look at this product and consider investing in your child's safety. If you are like me, and are a little "fuller" on top than what you'd like, please consider buying one for yourself too. And PLEASE, never tuck the top part of your seatbelt under your arm. I have spoken to so many women who admit to doing this. It is extremely dangerous to wear your seatbelt this way.

Louise - Myang

“Thank you soooo much!!!  Most of the products are for a trip overseas! So perhaps a pic of her using it somewhere exotic! To emphasize what a lifesaver 4akid’s products are!!! Was such a relief finding ALL these little things that I felt was necessary for a now walking baby on one site!!!”

— Yumna

“I want to thank you so much for the lovely Birthday Present you sent for my daughter with my order, I haven’t given it to her yet but will give it to her on Saturday when it is her party, thank you for your kindness"

— Tracey

“I have received the parcel in good order. Thanks very much. I’m always very happy with the products and service I get from 4 A Kid.”

— Anja

“Got it!! Thank you! And in perfect time! And the skirts are EXACTLY what I wanted when I asked about how much material it is made with.. Just “poofy” enough. So happy!"

— Lindy from CT

“Hi there, Got it this morning thanks a lot for the fast service will def use u again love the stuff on your website!!!”

— Candice from JHB

“Thank you very much. I received the parcel yesterday already (wow, what super-fast service). They are already installed and in use. My kids feel very special”

— Amanda from JHB

“Thanks I received my goodies yesterday morning. Wow thanks a lot, love it all. Can’t wait to use it this morning! My studio is filled with your goodies.”

— Rita

“Got the booties, VERY COOL!! Now only to convince hubby that we should also get the cherry coloured one’s 🙂 Thanks again for the good service, 4aKid is one of a handful of sites that I will order from without thinking twice!! (had to wait 7 weeks for huggalugs from another site…)" https://www.4akid.co.za/product-category/brands/elodie-details/

— Adri

“Oh my Goodness! I have to compliment your team on such fantastic customer service. I placed the order on 25 Jan and when I got home yesterday (26th Jan) the parcel had been delivered. This was mind blowing and is something that we see very little of in SA! “GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE”! I want to thank you and your team for your efficiency!"

— Samantha

“I wanted to tell you that I really love your website and the great products that you offer. Your service is always really fast and efficient!”

— Jillian

“Just wanted to let you know that i received the order. My daughter loves the products especially fairy infoband :)”

— Zaheeda

“I’ve recently received one of your items as a gift from a friend and I won another one in your weekly Facebook competition and I have to say I have completely fallen in love with the 4akid products.”

— Pheodora from Limpopo

“Received parcel on Friday – thank you for efficient service, it has been a pleasure purchasing from your website…”

— Lindy

“I received my parcel today – thanks a mil! I was expecting my child to be really angry about the safety clip (4aKid Car Strap Clip) cos he always pulls his arms out of the seat belts but he didn’t even flinch! YAY! Thanks again.”

— Gill from JHB

“A huge THANKS again (winner of the 4aKid Soccer Facebook competition) – I am a big, big fan of your products and will definitely spread the word on how awesome I have found them to be!”

— Andrea from JHB

“I just want to say “thank you” for the seatbelt protector. My son loves it, he says it feels comfy, and i feel so much better! We don’t have to argue in the car anymore, because he’s no longer putting the belt behind his head. I love this invention. I just wish more moms would strap their children in, it breaks my heart…"

— Louise

“Just letting you know that I did check out your website – and you have every right to be proud. It all looks wonderful. I think the products are awesome too. :)”

— Anelda

“Wanted to say a huge thanks for the car seat buckle that ensures my toddler is safe and secure. It seems to be just the thing and even though Houdini tried as she might, she ended up forgetting about trying after a while! The delivery was also very professional and quick – what a pleasure for a busy full time Mom!”

— Shelley from JHB

“I got the Mommy I Am Here devise and already my kid is liking the bear, she can’t get her hands off it. Got one query though: Why is it not called Daddy I Am Here? JUST JOKING! Thanx for your speedy response.”

— Malose from Pretoria

“I have received my parcel thank you very much, I LOVE THEM!!!!!! Thank you for everything!!!!!!!!!”

— Stacey from JHB

The Secure a Kid is being used with much delight I must say and appreciation from my side ????  


“Thank you for the parcel I received today. With all the hype about keeping your child ‘attached’ to you (over the World Cup) I thought it best to jump on the bandwagon. I do enjoy receiving your newsletters and look forward to ordering a few more products as my little guy gets older.”

— Jackie from Port Elizabeth

“Thank you I did receive my parcel. Also thank you for your quick responses and orders, it is really a pleasure doing business with you. Wish all the suppliers were on the ball like you. Enjoy the expo i am sure it will be good for business.”

— Mario from Baby's Wonderland

4aKid Service and products Wow what a wonderful surprise I got when I came out of my meeting. Such excellent and quick service from you guys. I was only expecting it next week. I am so excited, I can't wait to dress my daughter in it. I will send pics when she wears them. Thank u once again for your excellent service I will definitely be buying from u again & have already started promoting you guys.

- Rowena Ellis

“Thanks for an informative and interesting newsletter. It’s a great tool for increasing awareness on child safety issues – a much needed service!”

— Natalie from JHB

“Have just received the harness as promised – Thank you” .“I would also like to compliment you on your fantastic customer service – It is very much appreciated.”

— Jenny from Johannesburg

“Just wanted to thank you for your Top Notch service 🙂 I’m really impressed. I got my parcel, on time and I’m very happy with it. Keep up with your excellent service. You’ll definitely be hearing from me again.”

— Serati from Johannesburg

I’m so impressed, your company is on the ball & deliver when you say you are going to. I will DEFINITELY use you again & have recommended you to all my friends. Thank-u for excellent service!

- Vanessa

“I just wanted to say that your article on water safety and drown prevention is so good. It is comprehensive, easy to read and I just wish all parents in South Africa could read it to ensure the safety of their kids.”

— Gail, swimming teacher, KZN

“Thank you very much for my hamper of goodies.Your gift has truly arrived at a good time as it is the twins’ birthday in 4 weeks time. I’m going to tell them that a special angel is watching them and will only be giving them a present for best behaviour. Once again thanks very much”

— Bernice from Port Elizabeth

“All the goodies I got from you worked an absolute treat! We didn’t lose our little one and I felt like I had a guardian angel to help me out. What brilliant products – THANK YOU!!!!”

— Ursula from Cape Town

“I received my order, thank you and it is all so cute and has a purpose too! I have attached the emergency tags on 2 pairs of shoes and he loves them, so now I am trying to teach him what to do with it when he gets lost. Thanks again for the great service!”

— Ursula from Cape Town

“I saw your ad on Facebook and a huge congratulations to a wonderful site – def the first I”ve seen in SA with the products we need the most!!! I know many parents will be so grateful to have access now to products such as these!!Thank you. Wonderful site!!!”

— Louise

“Picked up parcel this morning from Post Office. Already fitted it on my little girl – she didn’t even notice she had it on – perfect. Am always so anxious about the little one’s when one is in a busy place (malls, parking lots, festivals etc) and as we come from a farm, this will really make a difference when we go away etc. My little boy is still too young for the harness (only 6 months now) but will keep his for when he is on the roaming stage”. “Thanks for such great products”

— Alison

My husband purchased the snug tub when our son was born. We began using it once he grew too big for the infant tub but while still too small for the large bath (as we have oversized baths). Out it came from its box and it was quickly inflated. My son loves it as he feels so secure in it. Often he will just relax back and rest his head on the back of it or he will swivel around in it and since its non slip he never ever falls over. We also took it with us on vacation, simply deflating it, sticking it in a case and then inflating it again once we reached the destination. He knew it was his bath and was quite happy to go straight into it. In addition its got an extremely useful plug feature so once we are done we loosen the plug and the water just pours out so its not too heavy for me to empty it. Then we use its handy suction feature and stick it on the wall so that it dries nicely and is ready for the next bath while being out of the way. All in all it’s a great bath and very useful product. Thanks to 4 A Kid for sourcing this unique and useful item!

— Corinne from Sandton

“We finally got to the post office and have collected our Nap Sac Baby Bag, it is fabulous!!and Aidan just loves it, first thing he did was climb in and lie down in it!!”

— Tracey

“Thank you so much – my napsac just arrived in the post !!! It looks great ! I couldn’t stand the thought of changing my little guy in any of the public toilet facilities. Baby is due in July, so I will send a photo of him in his nifty change bag !!”

— Kim from Cape Town

“As the mother of two children, of which one is disabled, the BuggyPod has been an absolute pleasure and has made outings so much easier for us. It was quick and easy to install onto our pram, taking about 10 minutes with no adjustments. It is easy to push with the stroller and does not affect the navigation. Both kids are comfortable and my toddler LOVED sitting next to his big brother in his BuggyPod! What an unbelievable invention! I would definitely recommend this product to any parent with 2 kids needing a stroller solution!”

— Ally Cohen, owner of 4aKid

Hi Ally, thanks so much, such wonderful service is hard to come by these days. Will definitely be using 4aKid again


" For those parents who are in any doubt about purchasing a Buggypod let me reassure you that you will not regret it. It’s a great product, cost effective, comfortable for the little one using it, easy to push and very adaptable. I highly recommend buying a Buggypod "

— Mother of 2

“I received the parcel today. Thank you very much. The clip is excellent and works very well. My daughter was upset that she couldn’t pull her arms out of the straps, but now she is more safe with her arms in the straps.” “Thanks again for a great product. I will definitely recommend it to my friends with little children.”

— Adéle

I have 2 of these and they are the BEST purchases I have ever made. I took them with me when I went to the UK with my kids so that they were also safe and secure in ANY car ???????? - Corinne


“Wanted to say a huge thanks for the car seat buckle that ensures my toddler is safe and secure. It seems to be just the thing and even though Houdini tried as she might, she ended up forgetting about trying after a while! The delivery was also very professional and quick – what a pleasure for a busy full time Mom!”

— Shelley from JHB

‘I bought a black Elodie Details pacifier and clip, with white skull and bones (pirate) from you at the Living & Living Baby Expo in March (2010). It has been a hit with my baby and it is constantly attached to him so I would like to order more”

— Kim from Johannesburg

“I love the leg warmers that I bought for my son. They are just perfect for the stage that he’s at at the moment. I put them on him so he can go for a crawl without scratching/rubbing his knees. With the weather being so hot some days, I can leave him romp around in nothing other than his nappy and his leg warmers and his legs are well protected.”

— Katrina