Sponsor of 2016 #winbig promo – BUDDYPETZ

Sponsor of 2016 #winbig promo – KIDS EMPORIUM
December 13, 2016
The coolest baby gifts and gear of the year: coolmomspicks Editors’ Best of 2015
December 13, 2016

Sponsor of 2016 #winbig promo – BUDDYPETZ

Win one of ten BuddyPetz in the 4aKid #winbig competition. Enter online 

Win one of ten BuddyPetz in the 4aKid #winbig competition.

Enter online here: http//www.4akid.co.za/en-za/competitions/winbig.aspx or email win@4akid.co.za for your entry.

Buddy Petz is just what you need for those far drives or just to keep your child safe from home to school and make trips more fun and comfy to take. Decorate your kids safety belt, they love it! No more Droopy heads or Sore necks. They can cuddle them, snuggle them, or even take their pet with wherever they go and use the pockets to keep their snacks and goodies safe and close to them.

  • It attaches easily to any seat belt.
  • It offers a comfortable sleeping position for your child.
  • It easily adapts into a Backpack so you can take your Buddy Pet with you.
  • It is a Fun way to decorate your child’s seatbelt.
  • Kids don’t fuss about having to wear a seatbelt.
  • Makes a great pillow for tired heads.
  • Each Seat Pet has three pockets to store from your MP3 players and hand-held games to toys and snacks.
  • If a drink or snack gets spilled, don’t worry, it is completely machine-washable.

Size H +/- 50cm, W (head) +/- 30cm (differs a little from pet to pet)

Different Buddy Petz you get –
– Charming Doggy Buddy Petz
– Lovable Bunny Buddy Petz
– Noble Lion Buddy Petz
– Magical Green Dragon Buddy Petz
– Showy Blue Dolphin Buddy Petz
– Dazzling Ladybug Buddy Petz
– Adorable Kitty Buddy Petz

M: + 27 (0) 84 514 0302

rene@buddypetz.co.za I www.buddypetz.co.za



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