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December 12, 2016
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December 13, 2016

Sponsor of 2016 #winbig promo – 4aKid

Win one of two online vouchers for R1250 each from 4aKid in the #winbig promo. Enter online here

Win one of two online vouchers for R1250 each from 4aKid in the #winbig promo.

Enter online here: http//www.4akid.co.za/en-za/competitions/winbig.aspx or email win@4akid.co.za for your entry form.

Mommy-owned business, 4aKid has become a household name in South Africa as a market leader of amazing baby and children products, keeping up with international trends whilst offering affordable practical products, making life easier and simpler for parents. The company was inspired by Ally’s special-needs child 9 years ago when she could not find appropriate safety products for him, and the 4aKid ranges grew from there, from determination, hard work and perseverance. Passionate about her work, Ally has strived to grow 4aKid into an international business whilst giving back to the community and growing the local economy by offering part-time agent opportunities to other mothers.

As the mother of two young children, I’ve realized that child safety is the responsibility and obligation of every parent and guardian. After all, we all want the best for our children. Being a parent in today’s times is challenging enough, so I’ve worked hard at finding the products, tools and resources to make life easier & simpler for parents and for kids.My mission is to ensure that our products and baby ranges are affordable and available to parents.”

– Ally Cohen, founder of For A Kid.

Website: www.4akid.co.za

Email: info@4akid.co.za

Tel: 011 656 8290



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