Sponsor of 2015 #winbig competition – Babynastics

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December 13, 2016
Sponsor of 2015 #winbig competition – Kiddiluxe
December 13, 2016

Sponsor of 2015 #winbig competition – Babynastics

Babynastics is the only baby stimulation DVD which babies are not intended to watch themselves.



When we think of baby stimulation, we think of “cot mobiles”, musical toys, jumpers, electronic devices, talking dolls…but stimulating your baby is so much more than just that. You are your baby’s best educational toy and sometimes we just need a little extra knowledge on how and what to do with these amazing little humans.


–          The skin is the largest organ in the body and receives the greatest amount of sensory learning and stimulation within the first year. That’s why most activities involve touch, such as baby massage

 –          A baby that is stimulated through routine activities learns how to prioritize, organize and learns time management and therefore learns how to turn off easier than a baby that is not exposed to routine activities. A relaxed baby is easy to love, eats well, sleeps longer and develops better? SLEEP…something all new parents REALLY LOVE.

–          Stimulating the sense of taste and smell helps the development of memory as both areas are linked to the same centre in the brain therefore this makes reading, writing, spelling and maths easier one day.

–          Babies need to move to their greatest capacity a lot before the age of 2 to develop a strong core and strengthen muscle tone. Research shows that baby’s that have been optimally stimulated and allowed to move to a great extent, have a better ability to focus and concentrate later in life as they are not fighting gravity and do not struggle with posture and can therefore use their energy on focus and concentration which is crucial for learning.

–          Your child’s brain doubles in the first year and has reached 80% of its adult size by age 3.

Imagine how much YOU can impact your child’s language, cognitive, social and physical development in the first year of their life. A baby that has optimal development in their first year is far more advanced linguistically, socially and mentally and is more curious, analytical and independent. They have keener senses, better muscle development and coordination. The brain becomes less and less susceptible to the impact of stimulation as time goes by, so when it comes to “wiring” the brain, it's far better to get it right the first time, than trying to fix things later on.

What are the crucial stages in baby’s first year and how will Babynastics help with those crucial milestones in the first year.

babynastics dvdsBabynastics is a DVD based programme guided by a mom and her baby with easy to follow stimulating routines developed and endorsed by an Occupational Therapist, paediatrician and ECD educator. Babynastics helps to ensure babies develop fundamental skills to their full potential that will improve and lay the ground work for future skills such as reading, writing, maths, language, gross motor, emotional intelligence and so much more


* 3 – 6 months: In preparation for rolling, the first routine has exercises to strengthen muscles and loosen joints of the hip and trunk, and to develop balance and head control. It also promotes an awareness of the body, particularly hands and feet.  The second routine stimulates babys sense of sight and hearing, plus develops the vestibular system, balance and head control.

6 – 9 months: This stage in baby’s life is aimed at promoting body awareness, enhancing babys interest in the human face, developing the vestibular system and strengthening arms and legs in preparation for crawling. Using balls, visual skills, anticipation, body awareness and balance are encouraged, as well as tactile stimulation.

* 9 – 12 months: Because baby is experiencing a new ability to vocalise sounds and is starting to talk as well as mimic actions, a whole new routine is added with nursery rhymes and our exclusive Babynastics Rhymes with actions.  Next is an active routine which encourages among other things, the isolation of the pointing finger, general body strength, hand eye co-ordination and balance. The third routine in this edition makes use of a beanbag, some boxes and balls. Together, these props assist baby to develop his or her visual skills, hand eye co-ordination, cognitive skills, spatial awareness, gross motor control and ability to crawl all important to lead up to babys first few steps!

Babies aren’t like adults who crave change and something new all the time. They find great comfort in repetition, and their bodies and brains only start to learn once they have experienced something many times. Part of the learning process is that as they get to know the programme well they will even start to anticipate movements and actions.

Invest in your baby now and make sure your little treasure receives as much sensory experiences within their first year. Be their best educational toy.

As mentioned, we are excited to open Babynastics branches nationwide so contact us if you are interested in being a part of our TEAM

Website: www.babynastics.co.za      Facebook: www.facebook.com/Babynastix/      

Email: jaclyn@babynastics.co.za

Tel: 072 787 0608



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