SipSnap Range (Tots & Kids)

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December 13, 2016
December 13, 2016

SipSnap Range (Tots & Kids)

SipSnap range makes a great mealtime companion whether you're at home or out. Your child learns to drink from real cups while you get a little bit of extra peace.

This universal sippy cup lid can be stretched over any cup to provide a convenient at home or on the go spill-proof kids drinking vessel. 

Stretch SipSnap Kid over any cup in your home and you've got a splatter-proof drinking cup that can fit any sized straw.  It's great for those little grown-ups that are on their way to using regular cups. You might even want to grab a set for yourself. We know kids aren't the only ones who spill! SipSnap Kid is also a great defense against wagging dog tails and could save your next keyboard. 

Use the cups you already own and gain more control over what material your child drinks from. Each set comes with 3 SipSnaps and a carrying case.


  • Stretches over all cup sizes
  • Made of high quality LFGB approved food grade silicone
  • Spill-proof/Splatter-proof
  • Chew resistant drinking spout (SipSnap Tots)
  • Straw hole fits any size straw (SipSnap Kids))
  • BPA-, Phthalate-, and Latex-free
  • Gives you more choice over the material your child drinks from
  • Roll-stop bumper so your tipped cup doesn't go far
  • Dishwasher safe and boil safe for sterilization
  • Folds and stacks for compact storage
  • Environmentally responsible
  • Use the cups you already own
  • Comes with a case so you can easily take it along on small and big trips
  • Great to use at restaurants and parties

SipSnap Range is spill proof, not leak proof!

Order you SipSnap here: http//

Sip Snaps

With a chew-resistant spout, SipSnap Tots is perfect for the younger ones transitioning from bottles. 

SipSnap Tots



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