Save a Pet, Save a Life!

Child Seat Safety Cause
December 13, 2016
How to Potty Train in a Week By Christine Coppa
December 13, 2016

Save a Pet, Save a Life!

We at Shop Playpens (Pty) Ltd are very excited to introduce our new product range to the public - we are always happy to be able to connect with other pet lovers, and be given the opportunity to create awareness of our great range of new safety products for pets.

Save a Pet, Save a Life!

Save a Pet, Save a Life with these wonderful new products designed and manufactured in South Africa.





We at Shop Playpens (Pty) Ltd are very excited to introduce our new product range to the public – we are always happy to be able to connect with other pet lovers, and be given the opportunity to create awareness of our great range of new safety products for pets.

These products were designed in South Africa and are being manufactured locally.


Our products are designed with our clients in mind, to assist animals and owners with safety aspects and / or other pet related problems in and around the house. When it comes to our clients beloved fur babies, we as suppliers fulfill an important role.

Below is a link to our range – we would very much appreciate your thoughts and feedback, and thanking you in advance.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or suggestions.

Best regards,
Corleen van Wyk
Managing Director Shop Playpens






Beautiful wooden pet & child steps designed and manufactured by Shop Playpens.

Grip to prevent pets / children from slipping.

Product dimensions:

Height: 60cm
Length: 54cm
Width: 38.75cm
Weight: 5kg

Max: 50kg

Product flat-packed. Assembly is super easy and fast.





Like the Skamper-Ramp, our Water Exit-Ramp is for animals, to HELP PREVENT DROWNING.




The Water Exit-Ramp for dogs and other creatures: for use in pools, water features, drinking troughs, dams, and against boats and jetties. Can easily be seen by animals when at water level — all animals see white.

Slates to help pets climb. No holes, so no danger of paws getting stuck.
Super easy to use. So many uses.
Proudly made and tested in South Africa.
Patent pending.

Water Exit-Ramp is an escape ramp: a means of preventing animals and pets from drowning.

The science is that ALL living beings — domestic or wild; bugs, animals, or humans; whether they are color blind or not — see 550 nm wavelength, which is the color white. As long as the Water Exit-Ramp is installed so that a few inches of the nose (curved) end are under water and the ramp breaks the surface, the animal will see it. The other end of the ramp is like a box lid, and it is that open-box-lid end that must be snug to a vertical wall (whether it's a pool, floating or fixed dock, walled pond, spa, stern/swim platform of a boat, or water troughs in pastures and remote ranchland) in order to provide the rigidity necessary for an animal to skamper out on the ramp.



Pet playpens – Keep injured pets confined / potty train new pets.












Easy to clean foam puzzles / play mats.




Heating pads – for injured / cold pets and owners.

















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