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Rave Review – We’re Smitten > 4 a Kid

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WE’RE SMITTEN – product review from Rave Review

I hope you all had a wonderful long weekend, created beautiful memories and spoilt your dad rotten. I want to thank all the readers who sent me such lovely birthday wishes, you guys definitely are the best readers in the world, you made me smile and I thank you!

Back to business here and today’s RAVE is a triple review for our mommy readers! We guarantee you’ll love these as much as we do! Our favourite online kiddy store4AKid has done it again, South Africa’s one of its kind first-for-safety specialty store brings in the most exquisite and unique products for both mommy and baby, and we have picked three products that have us totally smitten.

The Baby Bottle Buddy™ collection is just too adorable and when we saw them we knew our readers needed to know about them as well. These cuddly bottles  were designed by a mom to help make feeding and bonding time more enjoyable for both baby, mom and dad, and nanny.

This creative bottle instantly captures your baba’s attention during feeding with its fluffiness and comes in a range of characters, including elephants, teddies, giraffes and lions. Just pop your baby’s bottle into the Bottle Buddy’s slot and your tot will be soothed and amused all in one feed.

Baby Bottle Buddy™ also promotes hand-eye coordination; Parents will find their baby reaching for the bear while on the bottle which helps develop their fine depth perception; Research has shown baby’s first develop depth perception at 3 to 5 months.

This Bottle Buddy has also got specially designed ears with bumps and ridges for sensitive gums while baby is teething, and it can also be used as a wrist toy. It’s machine washable and dryable on low heat and most importantly has been  Safety tested (SGA) to all USA, Canadian & European standards & contain no BPA, Phthalates, PVC or Lead

The Baby Bottle Buddy™ retails for R175

More from 4aKid that caught our attention this month…

We have featured these before but we just couldn’t resist telling you about them again, in fact, we saw a mom and her little girl wearing matching ones last week, totally adorable!Kids Slap Watches are all the rage, and not like we had when we were kids when all we had were the slap bracelets! These watches come in tons of characters and designs for boys and girls. We are besotted with the Hello Kitty and Angry Birds watches, and you can also get Spider-Man and Ben 10 themed watches.

Kids Slap Watches retail for R65 each.

With Winter literally blowing gales at our doorsteps, you need to make sure that your little tot’s head is covered from the cold, keeping away those nasty flu bugs and keeping them warm and toasty. To that end, we are in love with theHuggalugs Flutter Beanie collection, just look at these pictures. They come in different colours and designs, and there’s a size to fit your child be it a newborn to a 5 year old.

Huggalugs Flutter Beanies retail for R200 each.


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