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12″ Jojo Singing Doll with Blonde Hair

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12″ Jojo Singing Doll with Blonde Hair


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Enjoy hours of giggles, smiles and creative roleplaying!

3 in stock


Dolls are a girl’s best friend! This Jojo Singing Doll with Blonde Hair is a doctor by day but loves to sing during her free time.

The Jojo Singing Doll with Blonde Hair is fun and friendly and will become the best companion for your little girl. She enjoys caring for people and keeping them healthy. This set includes doctor instruments so you can help her conduct examinations on patients. And when all her patients have been seen to, get ready to dance away to some hip-hop songs.

This Jojo doll wears funky clothing and wears her gorgeously long blonde hair in stylish plaits. She is 12″ tall and poseable. This doll will encourage your child’s imagination as well as their interactive skills.

Product Features:

  • 12″ doll
  • Movable head, arms, legs
  • Includes stethoscope, 2 doctor instruments and 3 hair clips
  • Sings 3 hip-hop songs
  • Requires 4x DC 1.5V (LR44/AG 13) batteries – not included

Other Dolls In This Range Available:

Coco, Jojo, Toto and Dudu are best friends.

  • Coco is a fairy. She has colourful wings, lives in a forest and likes to be free
  • Jojo is a doctor. She is very busy but is happy as she helps people
  • Toto is a girl who likes animals. She lives on a farm and helps her parents take care of small animals.
  • Dudu is a photographer. She always takes pictures of things around her

The four girls are fond of singing and have a great time together singing pop songs.


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