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Froggie Potty – Training Toilet Stairs

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Froggie Potty – Training Toilet Stairs


6 in stock

A must-have accessory for potty training!

6 in stock


We all know how frustrating potty training can get but with the Froggie Potty-Training Toilet Stairs, it makes it so much easier!

Hop to the top of this Froggie Potty-Training Toilet Stairs. These stairs will encourage your toddler to take those necessary steps needed to complete potty training.  With a strong as well as lightweight structure, it will give your child the independence to do their thing with confidence and comfort.

Product Features:

  • Includes cushion, handrails, pad feet, non-slip pedal, backstop and a fixed key
  • Comfortable seat and handles
  • Non-slip adjustable step to different heights
  • Non-slip pads on seat & feet
  • Easy to set up, fold and store
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable function
  • Fits standard oval toilet seats
  • Made with non-toxic safe materials
  • Suitable for children 12 months + up to 30kg

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