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TeePee Sheet – Double Pack

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TeePee Sheet – Double Pack


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Gone are the days of stripping layers of bedding in the middle of the night!


The Double Pack Teepee Sheet is life changing. It’s what parents have been waiting for!

This Double Pack Teepee Sheet saves time and makes night-time toilet training a breeze! Simply place the waterproof Teepee Sheet on top of your bed sheet and tuck in the sides. Remove when wet. Replace with a dry one. Wash and re-use. Easy as!

Product Features: 

  • Includes 2 sheets
  • Made from 100% cotton, 90% polyester, 10% viscose
  • Approximately 2 litres absorbency
  • Cotton-top for comfort
  • Absorbent inner layer
  • Waterproof backing is breathable and noise-free
  • Re-usable
  • Waterproof mat 95 x 95 cm
  • Tuck-in flaps 45 x 95 cm
  • Fits single bed
  • Available in pink and blue

Recommended For:

  • Day time naps while toilet training
  • Night time toilet training
  • Adult incontinence
  • Pregnant moms wanting to spare the sheets in case their water breaks while sleeping
  • Nappy free play time for babies
  • Ideal for holiday travel

Also available in a single pack.



Additional information

Weight 1.250 kg
Dimensions 23 × 13 × 26 cm

pink, blue

1 review for TeePee Sheet – Double Pack

  1. Ally Cohen

    this is honestly one of the best products i have used. I have a special-needs child who is still in nappies, and he wee’s out of his nappy almost every night. The TeePee sheet is life-changing. Instead of the mission of changing linen in the middle of the night, i just pull the teepee sheet off, change my son’s nappy and we can go back to sleep. Such a brilliant concept!!!

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