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Cute Duck “Umbrella” Raincoat

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Cute Duck “Umbrella” Raincoat


25 in stock

Making rainy days super-fun for kids!

25 in stock


This Cute Duck “Umbrella” Raincoat is cutest accessory for kids to stay dry this rainy season!

Brighten up your day with this Cute Duck Umbrella Raincoat – no matter how bad the weather is. A delightful take on regular rain coats. Every little lady and gent will want this raincoat in their wardrobe.

This bright coloured raincoat will keep your kids visible at all times as well as warm, dry and cheerful this upcoming wet season!

Product Features:

  • UFO shape
  • Foldable and portable
  • Soft and durable EVA material
  • Waterproof and lightweight
  • Non-toxic and safe to use
  • Cute cartoon duck
  • Keep hands-free while protecting the children from rain

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