Product Review about Mommy I’m Here Child Locator from The Mommy City > 4 a Kid

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Product Review about Mommy I’m Here Child Locator from The Mommy City > 4 a Kid

Product Review about Mommy I’m Here Child Locator from The Mommy City

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Mommy I’m Here Child Locator @ 4 A Kid

When I was little I gave my mom many grey hairs by wandering off and getting lost – often. I knew the security staff at Greenacres Shopping Mall well and would sit and wait for my frantic mom at the information desk, whilst wiping away an ‘I lost my mommy’ tear. I would go visiting neighbours by opening the front door or climbing out a window and I even remember jumping into an elevator just as the doors were closing and riding up and down again until it opened on my mom’s level again (this could be a reason for my aversion to lifts). I was a social child and was always making friends and observing people, usually in the opposite direction of my mom. I know how easy it is to get lost and that it only takes a second to be separated and chances are good that Paige will do the same thing to me. I’ve read differing views by parents on the forums about child safety and the use of child safety products, many negative, and I get quite defensive on the subject. Just because I have my child on a harness doesn’t mean I think she’s a dog (what nonsense!) – I care for her safety whilst wanting her to be able to walk freely and not be confined to a stroller or shopping cart. The attitude in South Africa seems to be different from that in America and Europe where the use of safety products is common practice, but I’m sure people will start to see their value. In modern society, children are faced with many dangers from busy traffic, crowded venues where they can get easily lost and the greatest danger which we don’t want to believe is real – abduction. Granted, abductors are wise to many safety products and have methods to circumvent them, but they are still a deterrent and make your child more aware of the dangers around them. Products cannot replace parental supervision and for most they are never needed, and I hope that Paige never gets lost and I will always try keep an eye on her, but I feel safer knowing I have this safety net for that one time when I need it.

Mommy I’m Here Child Locator is one such safety product that is great for your independent child. It has two parts: a teddy bear receiver which attaches to your child’s shoe, wrist or ankle with a strap, belt or bag; and a keychain transmitter which you keep. If you lose sight of your child, you can press the transmitter and the teddy bear makes a beeping sound which you can hear from a distance and follow. This inconspicuous device is perfect for shopping trips, playing in the park, and out and about in busy public places. It’s water resistant, works up to 50 metres and through concrete walls, emits a loud 86DB beeping sound, available in blue, pink or brown, and comes with batteries. Paige is still little so the teddy bear doesn’t fit on her shoes so we strapped it to her backpack/harness and I keep the transmitter in her baby bag with me. Just remember to switch it on and off as it will give you a friendly reminder that you have forgotten by beeping softly (took me ages to figure out what this beeping sound was when we first used it and forgot to switch it off). It’s a cute product which your child won’t mind wearing and it is effective in finding your child when they are lost in a crowd or hiding under the clothes rack in the store (just to give mom more grey hairs!) The Mommy I’m Here is available from 4 A Kid, a company which knows child safety.

Please let me know what you think about this product – would you use it or recommend it?

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