Product Review about Infobands from The Mommy City > 4 a Kid

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Product Review about Infobands from The Mommy City > 4 a Kid

I’ve had a chance to review another useful safety product sold by 4 A Kid which is simple and effective. The Infoband is a soft plastic wristband for children which you write your telephone number on so in the event that your child gets lost, someone who finds them can phone you. The wristband is reusable, waterproof and has a clip that is difficult to undo by yourself – I struggled so a small child is not getting it off. The strap is long enough to fit your child as they grow – I can fit it on my wrists, so it will fit all children.

There is space to write with normal ball point pen a telephone number, any allergies or medical conditions. It is not advisable to write your child’s name or your own as child predators have been known to use this to gain trust with the child. A helpful stranger does not need names in order to help, rather put ‘mom’ or ‘dad’ as a contact name next to a number.

Infobands are a practical safety measure for children who wander off, who are scared of talking to strangers, for hearing impaired, speech difficulties, autism and for children with medical conditions. Older children should also use them when doing activities that may result in unconsciousness, and they aren’t able to give details, such as at the water park.  It is easy for children to get separated from their carers at big events with crowds, or at the park, whilst shopping, traveling at airports or public transport – anywhere that is unfamiliar or where they can get disorientated. The Infoband helps children who cannot speak for themselves, be reunited with their family.

I would suggest getting a few extras for playdates for when you are out and about looking after other children. You may not know how they are going to react in situations, and you can feel confident that they also have an Infoband with your contact details should they need it.

4 A Kid sells Infobands in a number of funky designs which appeal to children. We have the fairies and bunnies, and they also come in cars, airplanes, crocodile, flowers, pink hearts and yellow construction (subject to availability). For another great safety product, see my blog post on the Mommy I’m Here child locator.

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