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Natural Home Remedies For Nappy Rash > 4 a Kid

Kerri posted on October 07, 2013 14:14

Nappy or diaper rash is so infuriating for parents, as they are not sure how to deal with it, and it is so uncomfortable for babies. Instead of immediately rushing to the doctor, here are some fantastic natural home remedies for prevention as well as cure.

Nappy rash is a type of dermatitis (inflammation of the skin) and can look like red/raw skin on the buttocks, tight papery skin, slight bleeding, and tiny puss filled pimples/rashes on the affected area.  You only need to see a doctor if the baby develops a temperature, if the condition worsens four days after home treatment, if the skin gets blisters or if the rash becomes yellow and appears in other areas of the body.

The main reasons for nappy rash include, but are not limited to the following: not changing the diaper enough, using liquids and detergents on cloth nappies that do not agree with the baby, heavy and tight nappies which lock moisture, using baby wipes and not drying baby enough before putting the new nappy on.

  • Let your baby go bare bottomed for as much time as possible, even putting a washable cloth on the floor. This helps prevent nappy rash and exposing it to air will help it heal.
  • Change the diaper as frequently as possible, as soon as it is wet or soiled, even if it’s every hour.
  • Wash the nappy area with a facecloth ever time the nappy is changed and ensure you dry the bum completely before putting on a new nappy. Pat it dry gently and allow it some air before another diaper is added.
  • Make sure the nappy isn’t too tight as this locks in moisture and doesn’t allow oxygen to circulate.
  • Do not use baby wipes because they contain alcohol and can irritate the skin, so it is fine to just use a cloth.
  • One can use a thin layer of diaper rash cream every time baby is changed to prevent nappy rash, but do not use it once the rash is already there.
  • Use baby detergents and baby products, not ones for use by adults. Change the detergents if the child keeps getting nappy rash. Remember to also not use talcum or baby powder as babies can inhale it and it can be deadly.
  • Try different nappies to see if they have the desired effect.
  • If the baby has nappy rash, give the baby a warm bath a few times a day to soothe the bottom. You can use chamomile to speed the healing process.
  • You can use zinc oxide, but ensure you allow it time to dry before putting the nappy on again.
  • Coconut oil has soothing properties and also can be used to kill the yeast. Use a small amount on the affected area.

Diaper rash may seem serious but in fact most babies have it at least once in their lives. Try these natural home remedies, and allow yourself peace of mind and a happy baby.

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