MRU CPR training and General First aid courses

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December 13, 2016
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MRU CPR training and General First aid courses

Medical Rescue Unit (MRU) was started with the hope of localizing emergency services. What this means is to enable us to guarantee our response and professionalism to the public. 

MRU CPR courses come with a completion card from the Resuscitation council of South Africa. The courses are of the highest quality and the best equipment. Dean provides all the equipment. The course he has to offer is called CPR for Family & Friends as well as General 1st Aid / buddy aid. On course completion you will be able to claim 2500 Discovery Vitality points.

The CPR for Family & Friends course covers:

Adult, child and infant CPR

CPR with a mouth piece.

Choking for adult, child and infant.

Introduction on use of an AED (Automated External Defibrillator)

The General 1st aid course covers:

General Principles of 1st aid.


Drowning, Seizures, Shock, Bleeding you can see, Epilepsy, Cuts and scrapes, Allergic reactions, Epistaxis/Nose bleed, Burns, Electrocution, Breaks, Tooth injuries, Mouth injuries, Head, Back & Neck injuries, eye injuries, breathing problems and care.

Assistance and advice on how to prepare and be ready for the unknown.

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