Mismatched Flu Strains? No Problem > 4 a Kid

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Mismatched Flu Strains? No Problem > 4 a Kid

101193-admin posted on June 29, 2013 12:35
got the fluFlu vaccine effective even when mismatched for circulating flu strains that season

(dailyRx News) Each year a new flu vaccine is created to try to match up with the strains of flu that are going around. What happens if the flu vaccine isn’t a perfect match for the strain of virus it’s fighting?A recent study found that the flu vaccine can still offer protection against flu infections even when the strains don’t match.

Vaccines are made with pieces of the flu virus or inactivated viruses that don’t cause disease. The body builds up its defenses against the virus strains in the vaccine so it’s ready when faced with the real virus.

Even if the flu strains making people sick that season are different from the ones included in that year’s flu vaccine, the shot can still be effective.

This study showed that the effectiveness was lower when the strains didn’t match, but was still above 50 percent in most situations.

Read the full story here: http://www.dailyrx.com/flu-vaccine-effective-even-when-mismatched-circulating-flu-strains-season

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