Firefly South Africa – Sally Swanepoel’s story

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December 13, 2016
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December 13, 2016

Firefly South Africa – Sally Swanepoel’s story

I started Firefly SA a little over six month ago when we imported the Upsee & Goto for Cara, my daughter who has mixed CP with dystonia. 

I am the local distributor for the Firefly range of products, they are:

  • The Upsee – a device that allows children (between age 1 and 8) with motor impairment to stand and walk with the help of an adult.
  • The Goto – a device that provides postural support for children with extra postural needs.
  • The Playpack – portable activity kit
  • The Scooot – a device that allows children with motor impairment to crawl / scoot / ride.

 goto  goto pink goto  upsee 

 playpack scoot upsee child in upsee

I started Firefly SA a little over six month ago when we imported the Upsee & Goto for Cara, my daughter who has mixed CP with dystonia.

When we tried to import the products we were told that there was no local (no SA) distributor so we had to ship it to family in Saudi and they then shipped it to us. The process was long and in the end tripled the cost.

After the process was completed my husband and I turned to one another and said that there must be an easier way. And of course we knew if we had such difficulty how much more so for other families who had the same needs but not necessarily the same means. We then contacted Firefly and asked if we could have the rights to import their products into SA and after an agreement was reached they signed it over. Since then we have partnered with DHL and they have really been eager to ensure these products reach our clients on time within an acceptable cost estimate.

I source the products directly from Fireflyfriend in Ireland and takes +/- 10 working days from where the order is placed until the order is delivered to the clients door. 

Estimated cost is +/- R9509 (exchange rate dependent) for the Upsee and includes the import, clearance, VAT and final delivery. I am currently working with Discovery to get the product range approved as early intervention mobility aids so that they are more accessible. I hope that once Discovery approves the other medical aids will follow suit. 

My aim within SA is to make these products available to all special needs families. Every special needs child has a right to ease / freedom of movement and very special needs family has the right to feel empowered. This is in essence what I believe these products provide.

My facebook page Firefly SA tells my families story and I hope in time it will tell the stories of numerous other families and their triumphs.

If you would like any other information, please feel free to contact me.

Sally Swanepoel  – Firefly SA

tel: 071 872 0868








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