Energy drinks and your child > 4 a Kid

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Energy drinks and your child > 4 a Kid

101193-admin posted on August 22, 2014 14:33

energy drinks are bad for childrenWhen it comes to hydrating your sports-mad child, the popular word, as well as the most rational option would seem to be through the drinking of an energy drink. Right? Wrong! If you think that your active child needs something extra, like an energy drink, to avoid dehydration, consider again!

While we all need an extra energy boost from time to time, an energy drink may not be the best way to get it, let’s firstly take a look at the contents of an average energy drink. As it turns out, most of the ingredients that make up an average energy drink is derived from two main sources: sugar and caffeine. Other possible ingredients may include taurine, ginseng, guarana, vitamins, and green tea.

Caffeine alone is unhealthy in children (and adults alike), and in an energy drink, it may contain up to three to five times the amount as in the same size can of soda. Too much caffeine in a child can cause upset stomachs, headaches, difficulty sleeping or concentrating and an increased heart rate as well as blood pressure. Add in the addictive and toxic effect of sugar and that alone is not good for your child.

So how are you, as a parent, going to make sure that your child has an extra energy boost, enough so that he/she can score the winning goal or swim another lap? With healthy eating, and lots and lots of water, and at all costs, avoid the energy drinks.

* This article is about energy drinks, and not to be confused with sports drinks. Sports drinks contain minerals and electrolytes and are intended to replace electrolytes lost through sweating during exercise. Sports drinks can be helpful for children, but energy drinks, because of its potential health and developmental effects and addictive nature should be avoided at all costs.

Written by Cally Kayne

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