Disney Fairy Flower Crown

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Disney Fairy Flower Crown

Nothing makes you feel as special as a beautiful crown atop your head, and this one is sure to put a smile on any young fairy’s face.

 What You'll Need

Disney Fairy Flower Crown

Download Disney Fairy Flower Crown

Regular paper or cardstock
Scissors or craft knife
Ribbon (not wider than half an inch) 


How To Make It

1. Print out the flowers on regular paper or cardstock. Cut out as many flowers as you would like to use in your crown. You can print multiple pages if you require more flowers.

2. Using a craft knife, cut along the two grey lines in the center of each flower. Do not allow children to use a craft knife.

3. Measure a ribbon around a child's head, leaving extra at the ends to tie a bow, and cut the ribbon at that length. With the flowers face-down, weave the ribbon through the cut slits in the flowers until all the flowers are strung on the ribbon. Place the flower crown on your child's head and tie it into place.

Notes: Cutting should be done by an adult.

Source: http://family.disney.com/

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