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December 13, 2016
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December 13, 2016

Best Hacks For Parents | POPSUGAR Moms

Sometimes being a parent feels like an endless whirlwind of meltdowns mixed with tears.

These 29 Parenting Hacks Are Serious Game Changers For 2016

Sometimes being a parent feels like an endless whirlwind of meltdowns mixed with tears. And even though many moms vowed to start 2016 off right and to have the most productive year yet, this resolution may feel completely unattainable as the weeks pass. But thankfully, these 29 parenting tricks are total game changers (think of the time you could save!) and will leave you wondering how you've made it this far without them.

Use Crayons For Touch-Ups

When kiddie shoes get scuffed up faster than your tot can outgrown them, try using crayons to touch up the marks and make the shoes last.

 Use a Shoe Organizer For Cleaning Supplies

To get all of your cleaning supplies organized while also keeping them at eye level, hang an over-the-door shoe holder/organizer in your laundry room. This is much better than the typical under-the-kitchen-sink mess!

Drip-less Popsicles

Prevent a sticky mess from popsicles dripping in the hot Summer months with one clever trick: thread cupcake liners up the bottom of the popsicle stick to create a “catcher” that keeps drips in the liner, not on your child!

Make Shoe Shopping Easier

Shopping with a toddler is never easy, so save yourself from the tears and leave them at home. For an accurate measure of their size, trace or stamp a footprint onto a piece of paper to take with you. This will also save you the time it takes to put on and take off a dozen shoes!

Perfect Strawberry Stems

Prepping your kid's strawberries has never been this easy! Get rid of those pesky stems without wasting too much of the fruit by inserting a straw into the bottom of the strawberry and pushing up. The leaves will come off, too!

Use a Pacifier For Medicine

To get the medicine down with fewer struggles, cut a hole in the tip of an old pacifier and stick a dropper into it. Your little one is less likely to run if he or she sees a familiar, comforting object over a scary spoon and medicine bottle. Plus, what little one can resist their paci?

Make Homemade Chipwiches

There's nothing like a hearty ice cream sandwich, but getting the ice cream to fit perfectly between the cookies can make for a tricky mess. Instead of struggling to perfect the ultimate treat, just cut the carton into even slices, place them between the cookies, and peel off the cardboard!

Easily Remove Permanent Marker on Wood

When your little artist colors way outside of the lines and onto your furniture, grab a bottle of toothpaste. Go for the traditional white (and cheap!) product instead of the blue/green gel option. Squeeze it out all over the lines, let it sit for about 5-10 minutes, then scrub away with a damp cloth!