Amazing Birthday Cake Recipes {for boys, girls, adults}

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December 13, 2016
30 Easy Birthday Cake Ideas for Kids
December 13, 2016

Amazing Birthday Cake Recipes {for boys, girls, adults}

Amazing Birthday Cake Recipes

How to make a Happy Birthday cakes that will knock their socks off!  These birthday cake recipe are all homemade birthday cakes so you can learn how to make cakes for men, women, girls, and boys.  Everyone feels more special with a homemade cake and they always taste better too!  Here are amazing birthday cakes complete with recipes and lots of pictures so you can make them at home for your friends and family.

Birthday Cake Ideas

1.  Oreo Ice Cream Cakes {Birthday Cake} 

Everyone loves O-R-E-O-S!  The best part is twisting the cookies apart to get to the cream filling.  Right?!  Well, how about oreos and ice cream?  Mmmm.  These little oreo ice cream cakes are absolutely adorable.  You can make them with just four ingredients.  These little cuties will be a crowd pleaser for all ages.

Birthday Cake Ideas

Fruity Pebbles Treat Cake 

This is a fun and yummy alternative to a traditional birthday cake.  It is also great if you are entertaining guests who have gluten allergies.  Spruce it up with a little border of skittles for a decorator’s touch.


Homemade Birthday Cake Pancakes

Birthday Cake Pancakes

Start your birthday off right by enjoying these birthday cake pancakes for breakfast. A fun tradition to add to your birthday celebration and if you are having a sleepover, they can even substitute for a traditional cake. Whoe doesn’t love eating cake for breakfast!

Birthday Cake Ideas

How to Make a Donut Birthday Cake {Cake Ideas}

Stack your favorite palm-sized treats for a fun birthday cake alternative! You can dress the donuts up by drizzling on colorful glaze and fun sprinkles. And, of course, don’t forget to add some adorable flags and candles!


Cake in a Jar

Birthday Cake in a Jar Recipe

This birthday cake in a jar is a great way to surprise your child during school lunch.  And, it’s so simple to make.  Bake a cake according to the box directions, layer it in a jar with frosting and voila!

Cake Ideas

Skittles Happy Birthday Cake

This is a fabulous tutorial that shows you how to turn a plain grocery store bought cake into a beautiful masterpiece.  And, it’s a piece of cake.  (I couldn’t resist!)  The tutorial shows you how to decorate the cake with skittles as well as how to make the cake bunting using ribbon.

Homemade Birthday Cakes

M&M's Recipes

M&M Cake

Decorate your favorite cake with Kit Kat’s and M&M’s.  You can use your own cake recipe or even use a cake box mix.

Homemade Birthday Cake

 Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cake {Birthday Cake}

If you are having a cookies and milk themed birthday party or just throwing a birthday celebration for someone who really loves cookie dough, this chocolate chip cookie dough cake will probably find its way into your party plans.

Homemade Birthday Cake

Fourteen Layer Cake {How To Make Cake}

Bakerella will walk you through all of the tips and tricks to cake baking that you will need when tackling this 14 layer cake.  She made it for Valentine’s Day (14 layers for the 14th of February) and it would be fun to match the number of layers to the age of the person celebrating their birthday.  Of course, that might be a little tricky if the birthday boy is turning 90.

Homemade Birthday Cake

Giant “Cake Pop” Cake 

This post literally made me laugh out loud.  With cake pops and brownie pops being all the rage right now, who wouldn’t want a cake-sized cake pop?!  With an actual dowel for a stick, that is one big “bite-sized” dessert {haha}.

Homemade Birthday Cake

4 Ingredient Cranberry White Cake

4 Ingredients using Cake Mix, Water, Yogurt & Dried Fruit to make this amazing Cranberry cake for a birthday cake or just for fun.

Birthday Cake Flowers

Birthday Cake Flowers

Pink Flower Cake {Creative Cakes}

This gorgeous fondant flower will make any girl feel like a million bucks on her birthday.  Check out this easy to follow tutorial to learn how to create a giant ruffled fondant flower to decorate your next birthday cake creation.

How to Make Flowers

Sugar Dahlias Tutorial

These GORGEOUS Dahlias made from icing are so beautiful, I had to look twice to believe they weren’t real flowers. And even though they are a bit time consuming, you really only need to make one flower for the whole cake and you still get a big WOW factor.How to Make Flowers for Cake

How to Make Edible Fantasy Flowers

You only need 2 basic cutters to make these cute and edible fondant fantasy flowers.  They can be used as cupcake toppers or even cake toppers. You can make them in any color you want!

Fondant Birthday Cakes

Fondant Birthday Cake

Ombre Chevron Cake Tutorial 

This ombre chevron stripe cake is absolutely gorgeous!  Even if you have never worked with fondant you can pull this off.  Laura has provided a recipe for the fondant and a detailed step by step tutorial to make the ombre chevron stripes.  Change the colors of the stripes and this cake would be perfect for any party theme.Fondant Cake

How to Make a Peacock Cake

Learn how to transform a basic round cake into a gorgeous peacock! This would be excellent for themed parties and is most likely going to wow your guests!Fondant Cake


Mad Hatter Tea Party Cakes {Tutorial}

Whether you are hosting a tea party or an Alice In Wonderland themed party, these adorable cakes are a must!  You can make your own Mad Hatter Hat cake, the queen of hearts cake, the white rabbit’s pocket watch mini cake and “Eat Me” petite-fours.

Mens Birthday Cakes

Mens Birthday Cake

Three-Tiered Cinnamon Roll Cake

Three-Tiered Cinnamon Roll Cake, With Cooked Cream Cheese Frosting. For birthdays, holidays or weddings. Perfect if you don’t enjoy cake, or if you really just love cinnamon rolls.

Carrot Cake`

Gluten Free Carrot Cake

Whether you need to whip up a cake for a birthday or a dinner party this carrot cake with cream cheese frosting will fit the bill.  And, since there is fruit in this I’m going to go ahead and say it’s fine to eat the leftovers for breakfast, too. {wink}!

Men's Birthday Cake

Mustache Cake

Mustaches are very trendy right now and rightfully so, they make fun and quirky accessories! This post features a cake you can create in the shape of a mustache. Much easier than you’d think from looking at the fabulous results!

Women’s Birthday Cakes

Women's Birthday Cake

Ruffle Cake

I LOVE Martha Stewart! Don’t you? She is incredibly talented and this ruffle cake was her design. Learn how to make it too by following my pictured guide!

Kids Birthday Cake

Kids Birthday Cake

Crybaby Cake

This is a fun cake for a to a baby shower or a baby’s birthday party.  It’s simple to make and I bet it will have your guests laughing cuz babies do cry A LOT!Fondant Birthday Cakes

Charlie and Lola Birthday Cake {Tutorial}

This is a fantastic tutorial for decorating a cake with fondant icing.  She uses an image printed off the internet, so you could easily use this method for ANY design.  Although all the little extras make this particular cake pretty fabulous!

Girl Birthday Cakes

Girls Birthday Cakes

Rainbow Heart Cake {Creative Cakes}

A rainbow of colors inside and out, there is no girl big or little that will be able to resist smiling when seeing the fun rainbow heart hidden inside this cake.  This cake will be a show stopper at your rainbow themed birthday party

M and M Recipes

Rainbow Malt Cake

There are lots of great uses for this pretty cake.  Perfect for a birthday party with a rainbow theme, an art or colors theme, or just bring it in for a co-worker who got a kick out of the “double-rainbow” viral video.  Ha ha.

Girls Birthday Cake

Butterfly Birthday Cake

Get the How-To on this darling Butterfly Cake.  It would be perfect for a fairy or woodland themed party.  Or take inspiration from the cake and do an entire butterfly theme.

Girls Birthday Cakes

Ladybug Cake

How to make a polka-dot lady bug cake… on the INSIDE. An easy tutorial that opens up a world of possibilities for your next cake.

Princess Birthday Cake

Princess Birthday Cake

Barbie Cake {How To Make A Cake}

A favorite Barbie and a lot of beautiful frosting and you can have the perfect Barbie cake for your little princess.

Princess Cake Tutorial

Princess Cake

This tiered pink cake will make your little princesses dreams come true!  The sash and crown are exquisite.

Fairy Birthday Cake

Fairy Birthday Cake

Sweet Tinker Bell Cake

Transform an ordinary sheet cake into Tinker Bell using fondant and a photo as a guide.

Fairy Birthday Cake

Tinker Bell’s Fairy Wings Cake

Adorned with candy swirls and frosting roses, this party cake fashioned after Tink’s dainty wings will have fairy fans all a flutter.  There’s a free template to download.

Rapunzel Birthday Cake

Rapunzel Cake

DIY Rapunzel Tower Cake

This Tangled tower cake is a fun and delicous recipe that kids and grown-ups are sure to enjoy.  You can make Rapunzel’s tower cake using two 10″ cakes, cake donuts and a large chocolate muffin.

Castle Cakes

Princess Birthday Cake

 How to Make an Ice Cream Princess Castle Cake

I’m not a cake decorator by any means. So you’ll have to excuse my design. This is mainly a tutorial about how to make a layered ice cream cake. It’s easy, but time consuming because of the freezing and refreezing time.

Castle Birthday Cake How-to

Castle Birthday Cake

Learn how to transform an 8″ and 9″ layered cake with candy and ice cream cones into a castle fit for a princess.

Boys Birthday Cakes


Lego Candy and Food Amazing Lego Head Cake Tutorial {Kids Party Cake Ideas}

If you are throwing a lego party for your boy or girl this is a must see cake tutorial! Looks amazing and difficult to make, but with this great tutorial you’ll be able to replicate this fun lego head cake!!

Lego Star Wars

Lego Anakin Cake

Make your own Lego Anakin cake for your Lego Star Wars party.  The base is 8 x 8 and stands 19? tall.Lego Ninjago Lego Ninjago Cake Tutorial

Your child will think you’re the coolest mom when you make them this Ninjago birthday cake.  Follow this great tutorial to make it yourself!Boys Birthday Cakes

Star Wars Clone Wars Birthday Cake

How to make a Star Wars or Clone Wars birthday party cake. Simply order a $14 flat-iced round cake from Kroger and add sugar cookies or printables to quickly turn any cake into a themed birthday cake. I sent an image of Star Wars clones, Anakin, and Darth Maul to decorate this cake into an easy-do-decorate Star Wars Clone Wars Birthday cake, in minutes!

Boys Birthday Cake

Construction Birthday Cake

This is a post with a super fun construction cake idea! Perfect for a construction themed party! You’ll be able to make this masterpiece with the help of this fantastic tutorial! Your little builder will love this cake!

Pirate Birthday Cake

Pirate Birthday Cake

Pirate Ship Birthday Cake

Ahoy Matey!  Learn how to make a pirate ship birthday cake with boxed cake mix, candies and pretzels.

Toy Story Birthday Cake

Toy Story Birthday Cake

Buzz Lightyear Birthday Cake

This adorable Buzz Lightyear cake is easy and perfect for beginners.  Make and roll out some chocolate candy clay, trace out pieces with a knife, and assemble it into a little edible puzzle.  You can print out the free Buzz cake pattern to make your own Space Ranger.

Toy Story Cake

Toy Story Alien Cupcakes

These little green aliens are a piece of cake to make for your child’s Toy Story-themed party.

Super Hero Cakes

Super Hero Cake

Spiderman Birthday Cake

Follow these step by step pictured instructions to create your own fabulous spiderman cake with cupcakes to match.  Use the translation box at the top of the post for an English version.

Super Hero Cakes

Captain America Cake {Boy Birthday Party}

This Captain America cake is patriotic inside and out.  Check out the great cake and the really fun punch that she made for this Captain America party.

Super Hero Cake

The Dark Knight Rises Cake

How to make an easy Dark Knight Rises Cake for the hubs. It’s a two layer tres leches cake. I used fondant to make the Dark Knigh Silhoutte, created a simple bat banner and placed a small Batman Figure. The icing is simply Light Cool Whip.

Sports Cakes

Sports Cakes

Mini Snickers Football Field

This cake is great edible decor for any football or tailgate party. Serve this to your high school kids before the homecoming came, or go all our for you next superbowl party. And here’s a secret {shhhh}, there’s no baking involved!

Sports Cakes

Baseball Team Party {Cake Idea} 

Score a home run when you celebrate the end of the baseball season with these fun themed food ideas!  A baseball glove cupcake cake and ball park favorites like hot dogs and Cracker Jacks are some of the food ideas!  There’s a tutorial included to make the baseball glove cupcake cake.

Sports Cake

 Team Logo Birthday Cake

Create a logo with chocolate melts and waxed paper. Print out the logo backwards and put a sheet of wax paper over it. Melt candy at 50% in a squeeze bottle and use to “draw” your logo. When it hardens you’ll have a perfect logo for your cake top.

Sports Cake

Soccer Ball Birthday Cake

Step by step instructions to make a soccer ball birthday cake using oreo crisps.   Thanks Ladies! I just adore these ideas! Feel free to grab my “I was featured on Tip Junkie” blog button. You earned it!




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