AKA Mom online magazine October 2012 > 4 a Kid

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AKA Mom online magazine October 2012 > 4 a Kid

Kerri posted on October 16, 2012 13:50
AKA Mom featured an article from 4aKid , as well as our Secure-a-Kid for safety belts.

It can be viewed below or here:

Keep your child safe with 4aKid!

In a society where accidents are occurring at every moment, many being fatal, it’s a wonder why such a large group of parents do not buckle their children up properly. This neglect opens your child up to be being hurt, or worse, killed on impact.

According to the law, children need to be restrained properly. Babies are required to be in a car seat, buckled up sufficiently and children over the age of 3 need to be in a booster seat or restrained with a safety belt that must not go over the child’s face. In addition, children under 12 years are required to sit in a back seat and also are to be restrained. When you look around at cars driving, you will often see children playing around in the car unrestrained. Parents need to realize that this is illegal and extremely dangerous.

There are so many reasons and excuses that both children and adults can give for not being restrained in the car appropriately. Whatever the reasons are, they are invalid as nothing is more important than protecting your child, especially when it is easy and uncomplicated to do so. It is your sole responsibility to keep your children safe: at home, on the go and in the car.

4aKid has many products to assist parents in this duty. We have a Secure-A-Kid for Safety Belts, which acts as a replacement to a booster seat and pulls the seatbelt away from the face and neck of the child. There are car seat strap clips in order to ensure that toddlers cannot get out of their car seats. We also have easy sleepers to keep the child’s head straight in the car.

Next time you get into your car, take this information into consideration, and please ensure your children are all buckled up safely. You can save a life, and have peace of mind during your trip. Let’s keep our children safe as children are extremely vulnerable, and we have to take action to ensure that child safety comes first.

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