4aKid September 2012 Newsletter: New Products & Annual Competition > 4 a Kid

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July 11, 2016
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4aKid September 2012 Newsletter: New Products & Annual Competition > 4 a Kid

Spring is in the air….and so are our fabulous new products , so get them now while stocks last!

Angel Guard Seat-Belt Buckle Guard

The Angel Guard is used over an existing seatbelt buckle that acts as a safety barrier preventing children from unbuckling themselves.

 Shampoo Caps

Keeps shampoo and water out of baby’s and toddler’s eyes and ears during bath or shower time.

New Huggalugs

Brand new stunning Legwarmers, Legruffles, Nubies and Beanies for your little one.

  Buggypod Smorph 2 and Buggypod IO

Convert your single stroller to a double stroller with ease, eliminating the need to buy a 2nd pram or a double stroller when baby no 2 (or no 3) arrives!

Assorted Slap Watches

Stunning selection of Disney, animal, fruit, cupcake and heart shaped slap watches.


We are looking for agents and retailers to sell the exciting 4akid product range. Read more about this by clicking here or email info@4akid.co.zaand request reseller information. Please specify part-time agent or retailer request.

If you would like your child to become part of our birthday club, then please click here and insert the details accordingly.

On facebook you can win weekly giveaways, be the first to know about new products, participate in the discussions and get special prices on promotions!

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