4aKid November 2012 Newsletter on travel safety and final day to enter competition!!! > 4 a Kid

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July 11, 2016
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4aKid November 2012 Newsletter on travel safety and final day to enter competition!!! > 4 a Kid

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4aKid November 2012 Newsletter on Car Safety and travel


On a day to day basis, it is important to keep your children safe and properly buckled up whilst driving. It is even more crucial to do so during the festive season. South African law requires us to keep our children in car seats up until age 3 and then they need to go into a booster seat or a seat belt restraining device ( like a Secure-A-Kid). 4aKid has many products to assist us to keep our children safe in the car. To read more about car safety click here

    Visit our website for more…http://www.4akid.co.za/



* As seen on SABC3 TV! Protect your child in the car – give your child maximum comfort and the best possible support by using the Secure-A-Kid Safety Belt Harness.This keeps your child secure whilst ensuring the belt does not go over the head or neck of the child.

Easy Sleeper

R120. 00

Easy Sleepers™ ensure that the child/baby is not only comfortable but her head in a healthy, upright position that contributes to the safety factors as set out by the car seat manufacturers

Car-Seat Strap Clip

R50. 00

Does your child escape from their baby car seat straps? Finally, a baby car-seat clip that will keep your toddler in safely in the car seat!

Angel Guard seat Belt Buckle Guard


The Angel Guard is used over an existing seatbelt buckle that acts as a safety barrier preventing children from unbuckling themselves



Winners to be notified and announced by 7 December 2012!!!

We are looking for agents and retailers to sell the exciting 4akid product range. Read more about this by clicking here or email info@4akid.co.za and request reseller information. Please specify part-time agent or retailer request.

If you would like your child to become part of our birthday club, then please click here and insert the details accordingly.

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