4AKID new products, last day for #WINBIG and more… November 2015

Congratulating our November 2015 Face of 4 A Kid – Darius Hudson King
December 13, 2016
Water Melon BBQ
December 13, 2016

4AKID new products, last day for #WINBIG and more… November 2015

4AKID new products, last day for #WINBIG and more... November 2015


Play n' Snack Tray

Perfect for drinks and snacks, the Play n' Snack Tray is perfect for on the go! Use the travel tray anywhere you go with your car seat, even airplanes. Travel tray makes a great gift!





The 2015 annual baby competition starts 1st September 2015 and will close at midnight on 30th November 2015. Win your share of prizes worth more than R40 000! Pleasesubscribe to our mailing list to be eligible to win!**** TO ENTER, EMAIL win@4akid.co.za for your entry form OR CLICK HERE!




Sip Snap for kids and tots

Stretch SipSnap KIDover any cup in your home and you've got a splatter-proof drinking cup that can fit any sized straw. โ€ชSipSnapKIDmakes a great mealtimecompanion whether you're at home or out.


New car seat law – April 2015

New South African legislation is enforcing new rules about buckling up children effective 30th April 2015 >> http://bit.ly/1J6qxAy



Secure-A-Kid for car seat belts

If you think your children are safe just because they're strapped in, THINK AGAIN! Seat belts are for adults – not children, they are simply too big for children.


How to choose and use sunscreen

With all the sunscreens available these days (organic or mineral? water-resistant or sweat-resistant? lotion or spray?), choosing the right one for your kids can be tricky. But what matters most when picking a sunscreen is how well it protects skin fromUV rays.


Child safety wrist strap

One of the most challenging phases of parenting toddlers is when the childrens’ desire to explore the world surpasses their ability to recognize and avoid danger. The 4akid Child Safety wrist strap helpto keep your child close to you in crowded places and gives you peace of mind.


Easy Sleepers – Assorted colors

Easy Sleepers ensure that the child/ baby is not only comfortable but his/ her head is in a healthy, upright position that contributes to the safety factors as set out by the car seat manufacturers.



We wish you all of the best and safety in your travels in this fantastic joyous time. We are closing on the 22nd December 2015 and will re-open on the 5th January 2016 ๐Ÿ™‚



Holiday Recipe of the monthWater Melon BBQ


This is a cute and different way to serve your watermelon at your family get together ๐Ÿ™‚



SwimArm Bands


Suited for ages 3-6, the Intex Arm Bandsis an excellent quality product that allows children to safely enjoy the water.





No more kneeling on cold hard tiles or wet towels. Any parent knows how agonising and uncomfortable bath time can be but it’s also potentially great bonding time.


The Kneepal allows for lots of eye contact and play. Making bath time more pleasurable for mum and bub. The perfect present for babyshowers and granny ๐Ÿ™‚



Infoband™ is a soft plastic wristband for children, on which parents can write their contact number, name, allergies etc. Should the child wander off or get lost, he/she can be reunited easily and quickly with their parents as they are wearing visible identification and it would ensure that the child gets the right treatment if anything would happen. A safety net for both children and parents.

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