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4aKid March 2014 Newsletter > 4 a Kid

Kerri posted on March 31, 2014 11:03

Stunning products, recipes, safety tips and competitions.

4aKid March 2014 Newsletter 

 If you cannot view please email kerri@4akid.co.za and request a PDF version

Time for Dress up and games at 4aKid!!! We also have wonderful safety tips, best mom’s tips, competitions and a fantastic recipe to die for!!! Find us on http//www.4akid.co.za/OnlineStore.aspx or https://www.facebook.com/4aKid


Stunning Pettirompers in a variety of colours. Too cute for words.

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Adorable petti-dresses have rosette ribbon embroidered bodice and luxe chiffon skirts. Wear for parties,

portraits and playtime. Every little girl needs one of these!

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Rainbow Loom sets and extra elastics

Hottest new toy on the market! Comes with over 500 elastic bands, loom, loop and instructions.

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Easy to pull on under or over pants or skirts (much more comfortable than saggy stockings or baby tights for little girls and boys).

Keep their legs and arms warm! There is also a gorgeous sweater with a matching beanie.

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Baby Jeans


Baby Jeans is specially designed with your baby’s delicate skin in mind thus producing a fabulous product of booties that are soft, comfortable and a realistic denim look

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Best Mom tip taken from our blog and facebook page by Sadia . To find out what this is view our blog page


How to make the fabulous recipe that has gone viral!!!

Kit Kat Brownie Recipe – Decadent Kit Kat Brownies, delicious and easy to make

View this fabulous recipe here:   http//www.4akid.co.za/Blog/tabid/122/entryid/474/kit-kat-brownie-recipe.aspx

4aKid SMS HAMPER COMPETITION – Well done to Vera Naidoo for winning the 2014 February Hamper

MARCH SMS HAMPER!!!!! Stunning hamper filled with Rainbow Elastic loom sets and extra elastics,

gorgeous fluffy toy, triangular Jumbo crayon set, Hello Kitty Sandwich/cookie cutter,

Winnie the poo sandwich/cookie cutter, plaited bracelet with magnetic clasp, 1 girl Infoband and 1 boy Infoband,

all arranged in a delightful hamper tin.

To win this fantastic hamper sms 4AKID with your name and email address to 33278

Do you want your child to be the 4aKid face of the month competition?

Please note if you have entered the March competition, you need to send a NEW picture of your

child if you want to enter the April competition.

Click link below for more information.

Safety Tips for the playground 

Research shows that more children die playing on backyard playgrounds than on public playgrounds. Here’s how to keep your children safe at home.

· Accidents can happen the moment your back is turned. Stay with your children the whole time they are playing on backyard play sets.

· Make sure the area under and around the play equipment is covered with soft materials. This will help protect injuries to the brain and bones when children fall. Rubber mulch, hardwood chips and pea gravel are best.

· Grass and dirt under the play set are not safe. The soft materials should be nine to 12 inches deep and extend six feet from all sides of play equipment.

· Make sure there is plenty of room between play equipment. For example, climbing equipment should have a “fall zone” of at least six feet in all directions of equipment.

· Keep young children from playing on equipment designed for older children. Children under the age of 6 should not climb higher than 4 feet. Older children should not climb higher than 6 feet.

· Choose solid play equipment and keep it in good shape. Look for signs of rust, chipped paint, cracked or broken parts, etc. Fix them.

· Beware of spaces where your child’s head or body could get stuck. A child’s head can be trapped in openings between 3.5 and 9 inches wide.

· Older play equipment can have openings that are between 3.5 and 9 inches wide. A child’s head or body parts can fit through this space. It is very dangerous because children could be trapped and not be able to breathe.

· Make sure areas where children climb have good walls or railings to keep them from falling.

· Keep the play area clear of things children could trip over – rocks, branches, toys, etc.

· Pull out drawstrings in children’s clothes. Make sure your child takes off any necklaces, purses, bicycle helmets and scarves before they play. These things could get caught on something and your child would not be able to breathe.

To view more safety tips click here: http//www.4akid.co.za/ArticlesandMedia/childsafetyarticles/tabid/72/articleType/ArticleView/articleId/56/categoryId/11/Playground-Safety.aspx

EMAIL: info@4akid.co.za/ admin@4akid.co.za
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