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4aKid July 2012 Newsletter- Beat the Winter Blues!!! > 4 a Kid

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      Child Safety Tips during Winter

1) Install a smoke alarm on every floor if you are going to make fires. In addition make sure the screen is attached firmly, so kids cannot access it. Keep matchers/lighters out of children’s reach.

2)Make sure your child’s skin does not get too dry, and you may want to consider putting a humidifier in their room. Remember to still put sunscreen on EVEN in winter.

3)Dress your kids very warmly, older babies and children should be dressed in one layer more than an adult would wear. Prevent SIDS by ensuring the baby is in a 1 piece sleeper.

4)Children should get a vaccine between the ages of 6 and 59 months to reduce the risk of catching flu.

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The winner of the June 2012 Hamper is Anel Morillion CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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