35 Genius Parenting Inventions

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December 13, 2016
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December 13, 2016

35 Genius Parenting Inventions

Baby accessories and goodies that you cannot live without!

1. Mesh Feeder

Mesh Feeder

This feeder lets your baby gnaw on real food with none of the choking risk. Pro-parenting tip: you can also pop frozen fruit into the mesh bag to provide your baby some teething relief.

2. Faucet Extender

Faucet Extender

Makes it so much easier for your shorties to wash those icky kid germs of their hands.

3. Snack Trap

Snack Trap

The lid is designed to prevent the contents from spilling when your toddler inevitably drops the cup.

4. The Buzzy

The Buzzy

The Buzzy uses cold and vibration to provide natural pain relief.

5. Ba Baby Bottle Holder

Ba Baby Bottle Holder

The ingenious design allows babies to easily hold their bottles.

6. No-Tears Shampoos and Soaps

No-Tears Shampoos and Soaps

An oldie, but a goodie.

7. Forehead Thermometer

Forehead Thermometer

Because anything that keeps you from sticking something up your baby’s butt is a win.

8. Bottle/Sippy Cup Leash

Bottle/Sippy Cup Leash

Avoid the drama of a lost bottle by strapping it to your stroller.

9. Velcro


Laces suck. Velcro forever!

10. Pacifier Medicine Dispenser

Pacifier Medicine Dispenser

Allows your baby to soothe herself while getting her medicine. Genius.

11. Good Nite Lite

Good Nite Lite

Teaches your kids to stay in bed until the moon turns into a sun. Just like real life!

12. Food Dispensing Spoon

Food Dispensing Spoon

Because dipping a spoon into a jar is for losers.

13. Backseat Baby Alarm

Backseat Baby Alarm

Forgetting your baby in a hot car is every parent’s nightmare. This amazing invention guarantees it will never happen.

14. FlyeBaby


The only way flying could be more enjoyable is if you left the baby at home.

15. Keep It Klean

Keep It Klean

Because babies drop stuff all the time.

16. Mixie Bottle

Mixie Bottle

Make eight ounces of formula with only one hand.

17. Swoop Bag

Swoop Bag

The perfect way to keep your kids clean and organized…in theory.

18. NoseFrida


It looks terrifying, but it’s the best way to get mucus out of your baby’s nose.

19. DropCam


Turn your smart phone or tablet into a monitor in under five minutes.

20. The Learning Tower

The Learning Tower

The perfect way for your kids to get into everything…safely.

21. Portable Breast Pump

Portable Breast Pump

The portable breast pump allowed women freedom while still nourishing their babies. Three cheers for the breast pump!

22. Amazon Mom

Amazon Mom

Get everything you need for your baby in two days via Amazon Mom.

23. Light-up Toothbrush

Light-up Toothbrush

When the light in the toothbrush goes out, it’s time to switch sides!

24. NogginStik


The NogginStik lights up, rattles, and has a mirror. 

25. Heat-Sensitive Products

Heat-Sensitive Products

Heat-sensitive products keep you from injuring your child with water or food that’s too hot.

26. Formula Prep Machine

Formula Prep Machine

Perfect for those bleary eyed middle-of-the-night feedings.

27. Boogie Wipes

Boogie Wipes

These amazing wipes remove mucus and other grossness without drying out your kid’s skin.

28. Back Buddy

Back Buddy

This pillow was designed especially for pregnant and nursing mothers to provide excellent back support. It’s, uh, pretty easy on a dad’s back, too.

29. Refresh-a-Baby


Turn any water bottle into a baby bottle.

30. Lobster Highchair

Lobster Highchair

This portable high chair can attach to any table, weighs just two pounds, and is small enough to fit in your diaper bag.

31. Zipaboo


The strategically-placed zipper lets you change your baby’s diaper without exposing any extra skin to the cold air.

32. Snap On Wearable Bibs

Snap On Wearable Bibs

These bibs snap directly onto your baby’s shirt or onesie, becoming part of the outfit.

33. The Aqua Scale

The Aqua Scale

This scale is so accurate that it can read your baby’s weight right down to the ounce/gram.

34. Milk Savers

Milk Savers

Collects leaking breast milk while you nurse.

35. Learn ‘N’ Turn

Learn 'N' Turn

The adjustable angles help babies learn how to feed themselves

SOURCE: http://www.buzzfeed.com/

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